FTWynn Thoughts


As I was working on puling together a weekly review for myself and exploring what a CRM in Obsidian might look like, I had a realization that I think is worth repeating:

Being “bad” in Obsidian and doing something “wrong” is the correct way to go about things.


First, it's absolutely amazing to me how fast development is going with the Obsidian space. The number of things that are 1-2 weeks old that radically alter my workflow are just mind boggling.


I wrote that less than a week ago, and now that script is a proper plugin. It's so hot off the press it isn't in the Obsidian UI yet, but I'm looking forward to when it is (which will hopefully resolve some weirdness I had with the script version).

Current Use Cases I'm Investigating for it:

  1. Interstitial Journaling (super helpful thus far)
  2. Changelog at the bottom of any notes files (need to toy with it a bit more)

Both are good for the “capturing a quick thought from anywhere in a timely manner” case.

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